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Welcome to the Symfony Slovenia project. Inspired by many others Symfony and PHP local user groups, here is Symfony Slovenia as well. Project aims to provide useful information for Symfony users.

Local Installation

Application is built with Symfony PHP framework (obviously) and is using Symfony Standard Edition. You can fork this project and send pull requests if you found some bug or have an idea for improvement.

Fork project, clone it and install dependencies with Composer:

git clone
composer install

Assets (CSS, JavaScript and images) are handled with Gulp:

yarn install
./node_modules/.bin/gulp build --production

After this you can get a website running on your development machine:

bin/console server:run

Docker Installation

Docker users can use provided Docker files and Makefile to get up and running fast:

git clone git://
make install
make up

And visit http://localhost

License and Contributing

If you’re as excited about Symfony as we are and would like to contribute to this project as well please check the contributing document.

We respect that Symfony is a registered trademark of Fabien Potencier. This website is about all about Symfony, PHP and open source. It is more of an introduction to the official Symfony project. website only promotes Symfony and is not endorsed by Fabien Potencier. Source code of application is released under MIT License. Content is released Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. For more info see the LICENSE file.